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Your Wonderful Seasoning.

Dear Brad,

I am a former Houstonian now living in Colorado and have used your seasonings for many many many years.  I use it when I make "Texas Trash", the Chex cerial mix that many people make nowadays.  It's just not the same if I don't use Guy's Seasoning on it.

I am pretty sure I went to school with your sister, Linda Dickens and was in the Golden Gauchos at San Jacinto Senior High with her as well,  Linda was a class behind me.  I was Dorothy Stevens back then.

I looked and looked last time I was in Houston at grocery stores for your mix but was not able to find it at any of the main super markets in Houston and was grasping at straws when I googled your name on the internet and found your site much to my relief.  I had used the last of the one bottle I had been hoarding and was wondering what in the world I was going to substitute for it.  Now I'm thrilled to know I can find this thru your website and am looking forward to receiving my order.  I will be sharing it with my two kids and hope it will arrive in time for Christmas.


Dorothy Stevens Bruner

Kathy Brown

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