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About Brad Dickens, Owner of Guy's Market

Brad is a native Houstonian as was his father, Guy.
Brad Dickens, owner of Guy's Seasoning.He spent his school years working in the family business, Guy's Market, after school and during holidays. After graduating from Texas A&M he volunteered for military service and served in the Army's First Air Cavalry Division in Viet Nam. His mother became terminally ill while he was in Viet Nam so his tour there was cut two months short so he could return home. He was reassigned to Ft. Polk in Louisiana, and went to Houston on weekends to help out his family. When his service was completed, he took over operation of the family business.
He apprenticed under his father, Guy, to become a journeyman meat cutter...Guy remaind involved in the business for several years after Brad took it over. Guy's Meat Market was re-invigorated under his management and has survived and prospered through many changes in the meat industry and in the industry regulatory structure. We no longer process our own chickens, bring hanging beef halves in over the railed hooks into the meat cooler, or use sawdust on the floor.
After 35 years of running this business, Brad is still innovating and now wants an internet presence for Guy's. He believes there's still a place for an "old time" butcher shop where the customer can request special cuts of meat from their favorite butcher and have confidence that their hamburger is cut and ground on site. Customers can have confidence that the sausages made in the shop have only the highest quality ingredients. If you're ever in Houston, stop by and visit...and if you're looking for a good meat seasoning, try Guy's.