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BBQ Hints and Tips

Guys Seasoning BBQ Tips

  • Soak wood in water to produce more smoke and less heat especially when using charcoal or butane as a heat source.
  • To stop burning from grease flare up, keep grill 6 to 8 inches from fire source.
  • Use tongs instead of a fork to turn steaks, chicken, etc.
  • Large steaks, brisket, shoulder clods, chuck roast – marinate in Guy’s Seasoning overnight for flavor, tenderness and reduce cooking time.
  • Buy a quick read thermometer to check temperature of roast, steaks, turkey, etc.  
o    Rare: 125-130 degrees
o    Medium Rare: 130- 135 degrees
o    Medium: 135-140 degrees
o    Done: 140-155 degrees
o    Well Done: 155-165 degrees

Insert probe bottom into the thickest part of meat. For turkey, insert probe into the thigh all the way down to the bone socket that enters backbone. 165 degrees is done.

  • See order site to order a great reset-able thermometer.
  • Mopping sauces are not suggested:
o    They cover the real flavor of the meat and our Guy’s Seasoning.
o    Most mopping sauces are tomatoes based and will burn or char very easily.

  • May use Pam to coat and clean grill to prevent sticking.
  • MOST IMPORTANT – After 4 decades as a butcher in a real old fashioned market:

o    Find a meat market that is clean with real butchers that know their trade.
o    Put them on the spot and say you pick it/cut it/stand behind it.
o    Let them do their job and hold them accountable.
o    We do that at Guy’s Market and if not satisfied you get your money back.

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