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A short story of your fantastic seasonings!

I want to add my testimonial regarding your fantastic seasonings!  I have been a fan of them as far back as I remember.  My grandfather, Earl Detenbeck, used your seasoning on everything.   I have so many fond memories of him coming over to the house, when I was a small kid, with an armload of steaks from your shop a bag of seasoning and a case of beer and a few coke's and we would sit in the backyard cooking the steaks over charcoal.  As we grew older and migrated away from Houston, Earl would always be our family Guy's seasoning "Mule" bringing us packages of seasoning to use no matter where in the world we were traveling!  (I even took a jar to Turkey during the gulf war to cook steaks for our crew).  Now that Earl is gone and the family has left the Houston area, we are always excited to receive a jar of seasoning as a stocking stuffer.  As I use the last of my jar today to grill steaks from our local butcher shop (yes they still exist) I think back fondly to memories of you, your family, my family and visiting your shop as a wee lad running errands with Grandpa.  We have been blessed to know you and your family.  I now eagerly await my order and will continue making grilling memories with my kids and perpetuating out love of your seasoning.

Thank you

Tyler Detenbeck

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