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Smoking Woods

Guys Seasoning smoking BBQ

The kind of wood you use for smoke plays a major roll in the final taste results. Everyone’s taste buds are different, therefore, start with a small amount of wood and gradually increase the amount until you achieve the taste or flavor you are looking for.

TIP – If you are using charcoal for your fire source, then wet the wood in advance and add to charcoal fire after you start cooking.

APPLE – a very mild fruit wood that compliments pork and chicken.

OAK – a mild flavor for those who don’t want heavy smoke.

PECAN – a little stronger than apple and oak, but a mild smoke with a sweet flavor.

HICKORY – the #1 overall favorite for BBQ and smoking. A medium sweet smoke that goes good on everything.

CHERRY – a bold flavor that suits most beef and wild or domesticated duck and turkey.

MESQUITE – a pungent, strong flavor that is good with beef. Can be mixed with other lighter woods to create your own personalized flavor.

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