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Guy's Seasoning has been around for over 60 years & continues to be the seasoning of choice. For generations, its been the key to creating delicious smoked burgers, chicken, steaks, ribs, roasts & more. Take a look at these reviews! Oh it's just a couple of decades worth reviews...

Guys Seasoning featured in the Great American Burger Book by George Motz
Houston Chronicle,  Featuring Great American Burger Book, by George Motz.
May 18, 2016

The Great American Burger Book, by George Motz. 2016

Hamburger America Book, by George Motz. May, 2011

10 great places to sink your teeth into a burger. September 2, 2011

Fearless Critic Book, The Most Delicious List
Houston's top 100 kitchens judged from a pure food perspective. 2008

The Fearless Critic, Houston Restaurant Guide, by Critic Robin Goldstain with a secret panel of undercover chefs. First Edition, 2008