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A short story of your fantastic seasonings!

I want to add my testimonial regarding your fantastic seasonings!  I have been a fan of them as far back as I remember.  My grandfather, Earl Detenbeck, used your seasoning on everything.   I have so many fond memories of him coming over to the house, when I was a small kid, with an armload of steaks from your shop a bag of seasoning and a case of beer and a few coke's and we would sit in the backyard cooking the steaks over charcoal.  As we grew older and migrated away from Houston, Earl would always be our family Guy's...

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Your Wonderful Seasoning.

Dear Brad, I am a former Houstonian now living in Colorado and have used your seasonings for many many many years.  I use it when I make "Texas Trash", the Chex cerial mix that many people make nowadays.  It's just not the same if I don't use Guy's Seasoning on it. I am pretty sure I went to school with your sister, Linda Dickens and was in the Golden Gauchos at San Jacinto Senior High with her as well,  Linda was a class behind me.  I was Dorothy Stevens back then. I looked and looked last time I was in...

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My family and myself love guy's meat market.

They have the best bbq, hamburgers, and i like to buy their hamburger patties and cook them myself. I just wish they were open later in the evening. Kathy Brown

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Keep up the good work

I enjoyed reading your testimonials on your seasoning. Ms. Guillory is correct, guys seasoning enhances the flavor on anything. I personally like sprinkling a little Guy's seasoning in a frosty mug of beer, or lining my margarita glass with guys instead of salt. Whatever the occasion, I always bring along a bottle of guy's seasoning. Keep up the good work, John Singletary    

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RPI, Responsive Providers Inc.

RPI, Responsive Providers Inc. March 14, 2004 Guy's Market, Inc. 3106 O. S. T. Houston, TX 77054 Dear Sirs, This letter is to inform you of how much my family and I enjoy your seasoning rub. We have been using your seasoning since about 1969. We normally use it on our steaks, pork chops, and chicken. Recently I experimented with using it on a pot roast and it came out fabulous. When I have cooked roasts in the past they always came out dry. So I tried the following recipe. Medium chuck roast-seasoned with our rub Large Brown-n-Bag 2-Cans Golden...

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