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Chicken Recipes

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Guy's Baked Chicken
Guy's Drunken Chicken
Guy's Fabulous Fried Chicken
Guy's Grilled Chicken Wings

Guy's Seasoning Baked Chicken
Guy's Baked Chicken


  • Whole Chicken (or Chukar Quail or other Game Birds)
  • Guy's Seasoning

Wash the bird well with cold water and pat dry. Rub Guy's Seasoning all over the bird including inside the cavity. Let it rest for up to 24 hours (in the icebox!) until ready to bake. Pre-heat oven to 395°F. Place the bird on stand or on a 12oz can if possible...otherwise put in a foil-lined pan breast side up. (There's a controversy on whether to place the bird with the back up so the juices can flow down through the bird while cooking or to place breast up so the breast browns nicely and looks better.) Bake for 20 minutes/pound. Remove from oven and cool for 10 minutes before serving.




Guy's Seasoning Drunken Chicken
Guy's DrunKen ChicKen

Use a large chicken (3 pound and up).

Remove excess fat from the tail area and thoroughly wash the bird.
Season liberally with Guy's Seasoning - INSIDE AND OUT.

Open a 12 oz can of beer (Bud is my choice) and enjoy about half-of the beer in the can. Insert the can (with the remaining beer in it) into the bottom of the chicken - so that it looks like the chicken is actually standing up. OPTIONAL: Place an onion ring on top of the beer can prior to insertion into the chicken.

Place the chicken on the BBQ and grill medium to high until done. Using a good meat thermometer - it should read 165 degrees when the chicken is done.

Using this recipe you will have the chick steamed on the inside and Bar-B-Qued on the outside




Guy's seasoning fried chicken
Guy's FABULOUS Fried Chicken

1 - medium to large fryer, cut into pieces
2 - Tablespoons of Guy's Seasoning (may need to adjust depending on your dredging talents)
1 - Cup sifted all purpose flour (may need to adjust depending on your dredging talents)
1 - scrambled egg (may want to use two) in open bowl

Rub the chicken pieces with Guy's Seasoning (apply moderately) and place in the refrigerator to marinate for 2 to 3 hours if possible.

Mix the Guy's Seasoning with the flour (do it very well)

Remove the chick from the refrigerator and dredge in the seasoned flour mix.
Wash the dredged pieces in the egg mixture.
Dredge them again in the seasoned flour mix

Fry the chicken until done.





Guy's Seasoning Chicken Wings

Guy's Grilled Chicken Wings

Rub Guy's Seasoning onto the chicken wings (this is a hands-on recipe).

Grill the wings on a hot grill (turning occasionally) until you get a beautiful reddish-brown color on all sides.



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