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Beef Recipes

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Brad's Brisket
Guy's Bar-B-Qued Hamburger Patties

Guy's Bar-B-Qued or Grilled Steaks


    Guys Seasoning Brisket Recipe

    Brad's Brisket

    Choosing a brisket:
    An 8-10 pound brisket is preferred. The brisket should be boneless and should be the same thickness from end to end...for even cooking. Some call this a "flat cut" or "first cut" brisket. It should have a relatively thin layer of fat on one surface to help keep brisket moist during cooking. A good test for the right amount of fat is to bend the brisket in half lengthwise so the ends touch. If the ends can't touch then there's too much fat. An experienced butcher is your best bet in getting a good brisket.

    Cooking the perfect brisket:
    Rub the brisket all over with Guy's Seasoning. It should be covered with a medium coat of seasoning. Let the brisket rest in refrigerator for at least one hour but 24 hours is best so the seasoning can penetrate the brisket.

    Place on BBQ grill or pit with the fat side up and away from direct heat.

    Cook at 275 ° F for 4 to 6 hours (6 hours for 10 pound brisket). Your heat source can be charcoal or gas but we suggest adding some pecan or hickory wood for the smoke flavor.

    It's done when the internal temperature is 165 degrees. After 4 hours of cooking, check for doneness by inserting a sharp knife horizontally into the end of the brisket just below the interior layer of fat. The juice that is released should be clear when done. If reddish then continue cooking.

    Cut the brisket across the grain into slices.


    • 24 hours with seasoning is best
    • Soak wood in water to generate the most smoke
    • Always use a meat thermometer to test for doneness when possible
    • Don't use a mopping sauce during cooking because it turns the meat black.





      Guys Seasoning Hamburger

      Guy's Bar-B-Qued Hamburger Patties

      Use 85/15 ground beef
      I suggest 6 to 8 ounce patties made a little thicker to be more moist.r.

      Rub patties with Guy's Seasoning on both sides.

      Bar-B-Que as you prefer...

      Hickory chips give the patties a nice smoke flavor.

      We Bar-B-Q about 200 of our 8 ounce hamburgers every day at our market. We serve from 11 AM to 1 AM...and usually run out. Pretty good endorsement...don't you think?




      Guys Seasoning Steaks

      Guy's Bar-B-Qued or Grilled Steaks

      Rub your steaks with Guy's Seasoning and allow to marinate for 24 hours (refrigerated). USE NOTHING ELSE

      Grill on a medium to high heat until you get that perfect color.
      If you use a good meat thermometer your temps in the steak center are:

      140° - rare
      150° - medium
      165° - well done

      Simple...easy to prepare and cook...and GREAT eating!




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