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A Real Treat

There were about ten of us in our office in the Med Center.  It was a real treat when someone would yell "Goin for Guy's burgers, who wants one?" Everyone would dig into their pockets and come up with the bucks and then all would be quiet, waiting for them to get back...and waiting....  
Once they arrived it was like dogs with bones.  We'd all go to back our desks and for a few minutes nothing but silence as we wolfed them down with chips and a drink! Great stuffings!
Anyway, I'll stop bugging you but, you take care and hope to buy the spice from you for a lot longer.
Answer from Brad:
Thanks, It was a great ride for almost 50 years. I'm still doing the seasoning for as long as I can, then my boy will do it.
He will be too afraid to change anything, that is for sure! He knows I'm watching him.
Thanks Again
Brad C"GUY" Dickens Jr.

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