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Discovering Guy's Seasoning

I want to express my delight at the discovery of Guy’s Seasoning almost 25 years ago. It’s difficult to express how many ways I use it in my life. Even though the label says meats and sauces there are many other ways to incorporate it into menus.

I’ll just make a short list, but I could probably add more:



The usual “Rub” for grilled meats



“Rub” for fish, chicken fried steaks, any fried foods



For any recipe that calls for boiled chicken, I always rub the chicken with Guy’s then throw it into the water with onions and any other herbs that I want to use. For instance, I use it on King Ranch Chicken and Chicken Gumbo.



Vegetables: as usual watching my weight, I put Guy’s on zucchini, onions, cherry tomatoes, etc. then either stick in the oven or make shish kabobs. Delicious.



Last but not least, I buy Guy’s in bulk then get decorative decanters and buy some labels from Guy’s Market. I put Guy’s Seasoning into the decanters, put the labels on the decanters, and ‘voila’…a wonderful remembrance for teachers, friends, house warmings.



Thanks Guy’s Market for your wonderful seasoning.



Jo Ann Guillory



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