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Once upon a time, there was only Pepper and Salt. Remember?

If you don't, it's small wonder. For, Within the past decade, the range of "Seasonings" on Super-Market shelves has so proliferated that, today, we are confronted with individual seasoning formulas for Fish, Eggs, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Ham and Poultry, Meat Loaf, Stews, fact, for just about every dish with the possible exception of Haggis and Spitted Iguana. All - to my way of thinking - sorry substitutes for a perceptive set of taste buds and a basic understanding of flavor chemistry. Yet, there's always an exception to prove the rule, as the old adage goes. One such is an...

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Good looking web site.

Quick and easy to order on line. Guy's seasoning is the best! I wont cook beef without using your seasoning, It makes the difference in a good steak and a GREAT steak. Jim Edwardsy

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Paul and I have been coming to Guy's Market ...

Dear Brad, Paul and I have been coming to Guy's Market since you met each other at the post office at least 18 or 19 years ago.  We absolutely love your bacon-wrapped fillets, hamburgers, fresh ground round, barbecue and chilli.  We have sent many friends to Guy's, and they are now repeat customers.  (Your hamburgers remind me of those my father used to make for us when we were growing up in Warren, Texas.)  See ya'll soon. Lisa & Paul Cavazos    

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Wanted to say hello!

Hey Brad...Just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are using your seasoning here for our cookouts. I had my sister Diane send me some. That was before I learned I could order it online. Everyone loves what it does for our steaks, chicken, and burgers. Though the quality of the meat here is not up to your standards. But Guy's Seasoning overcomes it's shortcomings. Ya'll take care. John W. "Mack" McKinney Kellogg, Brown, and Root FOB WarHorse, C-3 APO AE 09336 Ba'Qubah, Iraq

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First introduced to Guy's Seasoning

We were first introduced to Guy's Seasoning by one of your butchers James Sareo. He would put it on rib steaks and freeze them. When you took the steaks out to thaw the seasoning would make the steaks the most tender and best tasting steaks ever. It didn’t matter how long you would freeze them they were always good. Bobbie Huddleston

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