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A Message to Brad Dickens, and his Response...

I was a customer of Brad's in the 70's thru 2004.  I was in the meat market a couple of years ago and was told that brad had retired and the employees were owners now.  Recently I was told there was a news story that the meat market was closing.  I hope that Brad is still in good health.  I know he had a battle with cancer a few years back. Hopefully he's still playing golf and enjoying it. I need to know if I can still order the seasoning from this site.
Greg King 

Brad's Response:
Well Greg, I`m still alive and in reasonably good shape. I`m 75 and had open heart surgery, Cancer, 2 brain surgery's and that`s to name a few. BUT, I`m still around making my seasoning. No Golf , but really miss it more than anything. Thanks for being a really long time customer. It was a REALLY great ride, continuing what my Father started in 1938 in this great city. I thank you so much.
Thanks Again
Brad C."GUY" Dickens Jr.

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